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The library located at Block A, First Floor, provides a conducive area for quiet study, research and work,The collections include books, journals, magazines, CDs,DVDs etc.  Almost 70 to 80 users can use the library at one time.

1.            To support the process of teaching.      
2.            To support the education/process of studying.
3.            To support research activities.
4.            To encourage the reading method among students.

- Collection of books we put in order and systematic s so that the user feels convenience to use it.
- We do cataloguing, giving classifications and arranged in systematic according to the standard established rules.
- Cataloguing the new items by using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)


  • Circulation Services:  Library will open 8am to 5pm on working days.
  • Circulation Services:  Materials/books distribution will be according to the size of collection, number of copies and students needs.
  • Information Technology : Personal Computer (PC) is available at library to accessing CD-ROM and other electronic online.

Library Rules & Regulations
Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users requires that each user of the library follows its rules and regulations.

General Rules
All patrons must comply with the library rules and regulations. Library staff will firmly but courteously enforce them. The Librarian can impose fine or penalties for any breach of these rules. All library materials must be properly charged out and is prompt and safe return is the personal responsibility of the individual to whom it is loaned.
Borrowing privileges and other services cannot be extended to any individual or corporation other than students and staff without the formal approval of the chief operating Executive of the college.
The librarian may require a user at any time to produce proof of identity or entitlement to the use of the library.

Students are registered as a member upon enrolment. With a valid Student ID card students will be allowed access to library facilities and services from the first day of the semester until the last day on which their programme ends.

Student ID Cards must be produced upon entry into the library.

To prevent misuse of the library by non-College members, the librarian is authorized to deny entry to students  without identification cards or who have system generated blocks against their names.

Student ID cards are NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Student ID cards that have expired, been defaced or tempered with will be rejected and/or withheld.

Behaviour and Conduct
The following behaviours and activities are prohibited in the library. Anyone violating any of the rules 
May be asked to leave the library.

  • Creating any disturbance or exhibiting any behaviour that interferes with the normal use of the library, including rowdiness, noise, sleeping, and use of cellular telephones in quiet areas. Audible rings for mobile phones and pagers should be turned off while owners are in the library.
  • Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic theft detection devices or barcodes, or in any other way defacing library materials.
  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without checking them out or without authorization.
  • Consuming food or beverages in the library. Food and beverages purchased from vending machines in the lounge area must be consumed within that area and are not allowed in the stack and reading areas.
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco products in the library.
  • Concealing library materials in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Harassing library staff or patrons.
  • Being in an unauthorized area of the library, remaining in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
  • Altering computer setting, software or peripherals.


Loans, Returns and Renew

  • A student is responsible for the safekeeping and return of all library materials issued in his/her name.
  • Student ID cards must be presented for loans and renewals .Requests for loans and renewals on behalf of others will not be accepted.
  • Library materials will not be issued for loan during the last 30 minutes before closing time.
  • Library users are responsible for returning borrowed items to the library by the due date and/ or time.
  • Loans must be returned during opening hours at the circulation counter.
  • Library users are responsible for borrowed items until the loan record is cancelled. Please ensure that your loan is cleared before leaving the counter.
  • Loans may be recalled for maintenance work to be carried out on the collection or upon request by another person.
  • All loans must be returned and outstanding fines settled by the last day of final examinations.
  • Fines for overdue items from the main collections are calculated at RM0.50 per day. Fines for items from red spot collection are RM0.50per hour.

Loss and Damage
Library materials must not be mutilated, defaced or damaged in any manner. Losses and damages must be reported promptly to the librarian.
A borrower will make good a loss or damage with a replacement copy(being the latest edition at the time of loss) at his/her own expense, or undertake to pay the current market price of the latest edition of the item, in her addition to RM20.00 processing fee, plus any fine due on the day that the loss or damage is reported.
Student will be suspended from borrowing rights if lost book payments or replacements are not made
within the specified period.

Overdue reminder notices will be posted on the library notice board.

Any attempt to remove library materials or property without checking them out or without authorization will result in disciplinary action.
The library will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property or valuables left within library premises. Unclaimed or lost property will be stored in the library office, and will be handed over to Student Services at the end of each month.

Library lockers are provides for students using the library for the day and not for storing belongings throughout the day or between classes.

The library shall not be responsible for the security of personal and valuable property left in lockers.

Students must return borrowed items and settle outstanding fines or lost item payments by the last day of final examinations so that library deposit refunds can be processed. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture or deduction of the library deposit and the withholding of examination results.